ADAPTIVE KEYBOARD for iOS 16 and Android

Sales Keyboard
that helps to
Win Customers

iOS/Android Custom Keyboard designed for Sales & Customer Success over instant messaging and social media apps

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send your curated content from:
shopify dropbox gdrive calendly docusign notion airtable
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It works with
all instant
messaging apps

whatsapp fb_messenger telegram discord mail ms_outlook gmail slack wechat line
Share your Sales Scripts and business related files, links & images to any app
unlimited scripts
🦅 early birds special

Instantly Send
Sales Scripts

ADAPTIVE Keyboard was specifically designed for Sale Representatives and Small Businesses.

Track Open Rate
for Sent Links

Simple, yet powerful click through shortener with analytics. See who actually opens your links.

Notion, Dropbox, Airtable, Shopify

+19 other sales tools in your keyboard
ADAPTIVE keyboard autosyncs with your favorite apps to sends links, pages, images and files.